Swallows of July

Swallows of JulyIt’s an off-day today before the Swallows (and I) head down to Hiroshima to face the Carp at the shiny new “Zoom Zoom” Stadium. In the meantime, here’s the official TYS calender page for this month, featuring the two generals of the Tokyo infield defence, Shinya Miyamoto (3B, formally SS) and the “Diamond Master” beavis Hiroyasu Tanaka (2B).

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  • Hey, did you notice the July 17 edition of Nikkan Sports had the BayStars’ record 2nd in July? 8 and 5, much thanks to your July Swallows. Great job guys. 😉

    • You guys were hot this month. Now, if only you could leave us alone and pick on Yomiuri and Chunichi for a while.