7/14/09 – Yomiuri (Home)

July 14th, 2009

Tokyo Yakult Swallows cap

Yomiuri Giants 4

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 0

Streak: Lost 3   Last 5: WWLLL

(Iwaki Green Stadium Fukushima)

Tokyo again did what they do best when facing their cross-city rivals, they rolled over and played dead as they once again became the Giants’ bitches. They might as well all get orange arrows tattooed to their backs that point to their ass at this point.

Tohno pitched a complete game shutout of the Swallows allowing just four hits over the distance, and in fact didn’t allow a solitary hit from the 3rd to the 8th inning.

Muranaka started for the Swallows and simply wasn’t good enough, as he showed signs of the nervousness/lack of confidence (especially early on) that has plagued him throughout his career. Simply put, he made it far too easy for the turds in orange.

In the first inning he walked Sakamoto on four straight pitches, hit Suzuki in the leg with his first pitch, and then allowed a single to Ogasawara to load the bases with one out. Ramirez then earned a walk (this time on seven pitches) and Yomiuri had themselves a 1-0 lead. Tokyo then got a huge break as Kamei hit a grounder to second which was fielded excellently by Tanaka, who tagged Ramirez as he waddled toward second and then threw to first for the double play. One more run scored to make it 2-0 Yomiuri, but those two outs helped stop what could have been a monster inning. Muranaka looked suitably relieved, and so he should have. Odajima then grounded out to third and Kyouhei had escaped the inning.

Singles from Tanaka and D’Antona put two men on with two outs in the bottom of the 1st, but Guiel could only flyout in foul territory and the men were stranded. Little did they know that would be the nearest they’d get to a run all game.

The deficit was four in the 3rd, a dead ball (almost got Ogasawara in the head, please try harder next time Kyouhei) and a Ramirez double put two men in scoring position with one out. A wild pitch and an Odajima timely single would then score a run apiece and it was 4-0 Yomiuri.

Muranaka let two men on in each of the 5th and 6th innings, but was helped out by a double play each time to hold the Giants to four runs.

He finished after the 6th, having given up four runs off seven hits. He struck out five, walked three and hit two and would be tagged with the loss to put his record at 0 and 2/7.36.

Oshimoto (3.18), Lee (3.00) and Hashimoto (2.61) all pitched scoreless innings in relief but given the short leash Tohno had the Yakult bats on it was all pretty much wasted toil.

The two teams return to Jingu tomorrow evening for the last game in the quick one-two series.

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