Tsubamegun Welcomes the Central League

sptSportswritingPHOTO2We here at the Tsubamegun are always trying to provide a more in-depth, more comprehensive picture of the Swallows.  In line with this process, we are happy to announce that we’ve added information on that necessary evil, opponents.

You can now take a look at the “Other NPB Teams” page to see some basic info and the complete schedules and results for every other team in the Central League.  (Look for the Pacific League to come soon.)

As with the ever-popular “Standings/Results” page, each individual team page will be updated after every game, with a link to the game write-up when that game happens to be against Tokyo.

Why only against Tokyo?  Because our biases remain intact, and because we just don’t have the time to do what we do here eleven, or even five more times.

We are, however, looking for people who do have the time, and the inclination, to do what we do for the Swallows for every other team in NPB.

(At a minimum)

  • A group or individual willing and able to publish a game report for every single game the team plays – home and away – whether the author(s) saw it all or not, on the same date that the game was played. (This is quite a feat, so we strongly recommend a group of two or three people.)
  • Solid writing ability – spelling, punctuation, grammar, and coherence all matter.
  • A strong interest in the team. Ideally, someone who is a big fan of the team, someone who likes the team better than all others.
  • A functional knowledge of NPB and the team – the authors need not be experts, but they should be familiar with the players, the rules, and a bit of relevant history.
  • Enough Japanese ability to get basic information on the team.
  • Dedication. A desire to write about the team regularly, even daily, for up to nine months out of the year.

All of that is necessary – the project really won’t work otherwise.

If those requirements interest you, rather than put you off, you’re probably the person we’re looking for. Contact us and tell us what team you like and we’ll give you more detailed information and answer any questions you might have about the arrangement we propose.

For our part, we already own good URLs for each team and will set up the blog for you and help out in whatever way we can. The idea is that the traffic we already have will provide a boost to the new blogs from the get-go and that our association will create a reliable, entertaining network of NPB blogs.

In the meantime, for everyone else, here are the new team pages:

Feel free to discuss those teams on those pages as well.

  • Christopher

    For Tigers – why not just link to Tiger Tails? You’ll get almost all of what you want without the hassle of setting it up yourself and making sure that the conditions are followed. The only thing you don’t get is many same day reports. It takes time to research and prepare these so they’re mostly the day after.

    • While there’s nothing wrong with Tiger Tails, we have something else in mind – we’d like to see a certain amount of uniformity of navigation and product across the network. Nothing against any existing NPB blog – we link to many, will continue to link to many, and have discussed the above idea with people who are blogging elsewhere. They just don’t quite accomplish what we hope to accomplish.

      We don’t consider it a hassle to set up the site and the conditions would only become a hassle if we had to somehow enforce them. Considering that the conditions will be known to any potential volunteer, we don’t anticipate any headaches. People who don’t want to or can’t meet the conditions will presumably not take over the blogs.

      It goes without saying, though, that anyone who takes over a team blog will get our help, including what we could call, for lack of a better term, our “best practices,” which will, we hope, make it easier to keep up the blog and do the things that we think make a difference – like getting game reports up as soon as possible after games.