6/07/09 – Hokkaido (Home)

June 7th, 2009

Yakult Cap

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 3

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 0

Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: LLWWL

(Jingu Stadium)

This was a game where pitching dominated and chances were at a premium, with the Fighters taking their’s to edge it and take the victory.

Ryo Kawashima started for the birds, and did well but just didn’t get any run support. Whatsoever. Ryo pitched six innings, giving up two runs off three hits, striking out five. He also walked one and hit one man, both of which would prove costly. He took the loss to tie up his record at 4 and 4 to go with his 3.439 ERA.

It wasn’t until the 4th inning until either team got a hit, with a Tsuboi single breaking Kawashima’s perfect game.

But it took the Swallows until the bottom of the 5th to register a hit against Hokkaido’s starter Takeda. Singles from Hatakeyama and Miyamoto put men on first and second with one out as Tokyo found themselves with a chance to take the lead. But Tanaka hit into a double play and the chance was gone.

The Fighters created their first chance of the game in the top of the 6th, and unlike Tokyo, they took it. A dead ball put the leadoff runner on, then a walk followed by two timely singles from Inaba and Takahashi made it 2-0 Hokkaido.

They added another in the 8th from a Takahashi sacfly against reliever Kida (5.400)  and it was 3-0 Hokkaido.

Tokyo had another chance to out a run on the board in the bottom of the 8th. A two-out Yuichi double (pinch hitting for Tanaka) saw Kawabata pinch hit for Aikawa. He hit one deep along the first baseline but a superb diving Inaba catch ended the inning. Why oh why did we let that man go?

And that was pretty much that as it ended 3-0.

Both teams had shared only seven hits with Hokkaido edging things 4-3.

The two teams return to Jingu Monday evening for their last game of 2009, with the Fighters leading the season series 2-1.

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David is a baseball bothering Brummie who spends a fair portion of his life fretting over the Tokyo Swallows and the WORLD'S GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM, Aston Villa. He completes the quartet of abusive sporting relationships by being a die hard New York Knicks and Mets fan. You can find him on twitter: @yakulto

  • I was at the game last night, will be again today assuming it doesn’t get rained out. I actually went and looked for you guys around 5pm but didn’t see you and didn’t recognize anyone in the area. Oh well. I was wearing my Fighters jersey so people probly wondered what the hell I was doing wandering into enemy territory anyway.

    We did a nice rousing song of “kutabare Yomiuri” from our side of the stadium nonetheless.

  • Sorry about that, Deanna. I’m not sure about David, but Chris and I were tied up working – it’s been a busy week. I don’t think I’ll make it tonight, either.

    I’ve had a pretty poor attendance record at Interleague games so far this year, despite heading all the way out to both the Seibu Dome (not so bad) and Chiba Marine Stadium (a tiring, day long ordeal for the West-side dweller.)

  • Hi Deanna

    I wasn’t there yesterday either as I was rocking Kichijoji (or rather rocking a handful of people in a small room in Kichijoji….) with my band.

    Plus 5pm is waaaay to early for us! We usually get there 30 minutes before game time at the earliest.

    Tonight I’m recovering from last night so I will have to make do with the TV and a nice cup of tea. Hopefully Ishikawa can recover from his recent poor form and put on a good show. We need him.

    Enjoy the game.

  • Hey, how do the visiting fan tickets work, anyway? I’m thinking about knocking off work early for one of the Lotte-Yakult games next week but I don’t know if I just get an outfield unreserved in left or what to sit with the Lotte supporters.

    Every other time I’ve been to Jingu I’ve sat in right with the Tokyo fans!

    • Hey Steve.

      The standard ?1500 outfield unreserved ticket will get you into either gaiya so just do what you’ve always done, except turn right instead of left when you enter and you can sit with your Lotte brethren!

      • Great! Maybe if any of you are around we can meet up – I might wait to see how the weather is and get my ticket the day before.

      • Cool.

        You’ll have no problems just getting your ticket from the outfield ticket windows on the evening of, which means it’s easier to change plans with the weather.