3/11/09 — Softbank (home)

March 11th, 2009

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Tokyo Yakult Swallows 7

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(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

Tokyo finally got one back in the win column today. Yohsinori had a great day on the mound, and the Tokyo bats were a little bit more reliable than they had been over the past week.Boy Wonder pitched five full innings but didn’t surrender any runs. Softbank managed to get four hits off of him, but he struck out eight in the process. Yoshinori didn’t give up any walks although he did bean one guy (yeah, that must’ve hurt).

Yoshinori was followed by Igarashi who allowed both of Softbanks runs. Then Hashimoto came in to pitch the seventh and eighth innings while Matsuoka pitched a scoreless ninth.

Yoshinori picked up the win.

Yusuke Kajimoto (IF/OF), Hatakeyama, and Noguchi had two-hit games with Noguchi boasting a two-run dinger in the eigth. Yuuichi also had a home run in this contest.

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