2009 Japan Bloggers' Meet-up

On the evening of Saturday, January 17th, a bevvy of Japan bloggers – folks writing in and/or about all aspects of the broad topic of Japan – will be getting together to catch-up, meet for the first time, etc. There will be food and drink.

So far, nearly 40 people have replied to the notices posted on TPR, Observing Japan, and others.

If you’re interested in attending, please e-mail us at transpacificradio@gmail.com ASAP.

For more information, please take a look at the post on TPR.

We look forward to seeing you there.

  • Crud. I’ll be in the US until Feb 3rd, so I can’t come.

    We’ll all meet up for a game or something sometime, right?

  • Of course. All of us here at Tsubamegun plan to be at as many Swallows games as possible, of course. Before that, we’ll all be at some WBC Pool A games at the Tokyo Dome. Ken Worsley and I are planning to be at all of them.

    Speaking of which, anyone how to heckle ballplayers in Korean or Chinese?

  • Wow, you guys bought the strip tickets! I’m waiting for the individual tickets to go on sale, the Japan games will likely sell out fast though. You can probably ask the guys at EWC for heckling in Korean and Chinese 😛

  • Ken and I went for them, figuring six games in five days wasn’t a huge amount – only slightly more than what I do a couple of times in the summer anyway. And it’s not coming around again for four years, so it’s a good chance. I’ve never seen a game between national teams in person, so I’m excited.

    Can we look forward to seeing you at the bloggers’ and blog-readers’ confab next weekend, Simon?

  • For anyone who’s interested, the Japan Bloggers’ Meet-up was a resounding success – over 60 people expressed an interest in attending and over 50 showed up at the Pink Cow in Shibuya. There were bloggers, journalists, businessmen, readers, students, even some former bureaucrats representing politics, finance, business, economics, news, analysis, tech, fashion, and more, and everyone seemed to hit it off well with each other.

    What was missing? The baseball blogosphere and its readers. We’ll rectify that next time.

  • SteveN

    Ah, too bad I missed the meet-up. Hopefully next time! (and maybe by then I will have gotten around to starting my Lotte blog.)

    Incidentally, my co-worker and I bought an outfield strip each for the WBC Pool A games as well. Maybe we’ll see you there!

  • SteveN, there will definitely be another event like Saturday’s – we’ll get the word out once it’s planned.

    If you want to catch up before or after any Pool A games, e-mail us. We’d be up for it.

    As for the Marines blog, we’d love to see it. We’d love to get a network of bloggers together doing something similar to (or better than) what we’re doing here: day-of-game updates, rosters, a bit of team history, etc. By linking together – both within posts and in the blogroll, we could effectively create an NPB super-site. I figure each team would need at least 2 or 3 people – no one could do it alone, but that our combined efforts would be exponentially greater than the sum of our separate blogs.

    If you’re serious about starting a Marines blog, especially if you have a couple of people who could help you keep on top of it, or if you know any group of people interested in covering other teams, and if you’re interested in what I’m proposing, please e-mail us or have them e-mail us – we’d be happy to help out as much as we can and we could save each other quite a bit of time and effort by avoiding duplication.

    Either way, best of luck to you and let us know when that blog gets going.

  • SteveN

    Garrett, I’m quite serious about starting a Lotte blog. I sent you an email to your contact address a little while ago.

  • dan

    Ah, I saw this too late, would have been interesting to meet everyone.

    I am a new Tokyo transplant, I plan on supporting the Swallows for a variety of reasons – outdoor baseball, smaller team, I’m an A’s fan so can’t ever pull for Giants… I’ll try to meet up with you guys sometime once the season starts, can’t wait.

  • Any friend of the Swallows is a friend of ours (and we’re even friendly with some Hanshin and Yomiuri fans.)

    At this point, we’re planning on making a New Year’s event an annual thing – expect next year to be even bigger than this year – and looking into the possibility of something in the summer. Whenever something is decided, we’ll post it here and on TPR.

    Leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail when you’re planning on going to Jingu and we can try to get together. Various permutations of David, Chris, Ken, and I are at most home games and a fair few games at the Tokyo Dome and Yokohama Stadium.

    You’ll have a good time. Good people round Jingu way even if the team will have you pulling your hair out from time to time (should you ever meet us, you’ll notice that Chris is the only one with hair – the rest of us have head stubble at best.)

    Welcome to the Tsubamegun, Dan.

  • dan

    thanks garrett. i just marked the home opener on my calendar, surely we’ll meet up sometime soon after that.