On to the Asia Series (for Saitama, anyway)

First of all, our congratulations to the Saitama Seibu Lions for winning their thirteenth Japan Series title and, even more so, for winning that title by beating Yomiuri. We would have preferred seeing them humiliatingly crushed while, somehow, each of one their fans managed to spill his drink right on his crotch, thus making it appear that he had wet himself, thereby embarrassing himself in public, but we know of no such thing ever happening, so we’ll take the awful despair that comes with coming about as close as possible to winning a championship without actually getting it.

Perhaps next year, we’ll see more changes to the playoff rules to keep this from happening – look for the Central League Pennant winner to start each game with two runs or something to make the playoffs even more Yomiuri-friendly.

All sarcasm aside, though the Lions now move on to the Asia Series, which begins on Thursday and where they’ll face the SK Wyverns of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) to start. (SK promises “Real Sportainment”, which we simply cannot resist.)
More baseball, a chance to see how the champs from Japan’s NPB (Saitama Seibu Lions, of course), Korea’s KBO (SK Wyverns), Taiwan’s CPBL (Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions), and China’s CBL (Tianjin Lions) stack up head-to-head, and another excuse to eat junk food and drink beer.  (Yes, three of the four participating teams are called the Lions, with the CBL’s Tianjin Lions even using a font almost identical to Saitama’s for their logo, but sans the cutesy cartoon white lion.)

All of the 2008 Asia Series games will be held at the Tokyo Dome.  Stick with us, we’ll be around and we hope to hear from all of you.