Yokohama BayStars – The song

In honour of Tokyo’s continual struggles this year against the 32-64 BayStars, I thought a special post was in order.

Not only are they the worst team in Japan (this year), but they also have, by a long, long margin, the worst team song in Japan. In fact, I would say it’s one of the worst songs ever to violate my ears.

This song is sung by the Baystars fans in the 7th inning stretch, as well as in celebration after a run scores.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. I present to you, the Yokohama BayStars……erm…….song:

(Note: The video that accompanies the song bears no relation to the song itself, and the displayed lyrics are not those of the BayStars masterpiece – it was the best I could find)

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David is a baseball bothering Brummie who spends a fair portion of his life fretting over the Tokyo Swallows and the WORLD'S GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM, Aston Villa. He completes the quartet of abusive sporting relationships by being a die hard New York Knicks and Mets fan. You can find him on twitter: @yakulto

  • Fully agreed, Mr. Watkins. “Whoa. . . whoa. . . whoa. . . Yokohama BayStars. Whoa. . . whoa. . . whoa. . . ” Sucks. Just plain weak.

    Tobidase” is one thing I’m kind of proud of – it’s a fine song, cool in a retro way, with actual lyrics that aren’t embarrassingly lame. Unfortunately, the club is really trying to push that DDS abomination, “Give Me Swallows,” or whatever the heck it’s called. If that catches on, we’ll be wishing for the pitiful BayStars’ song we now mock.

  • Thank you for that tribute. It was very enjoyable. I do prefer the Jazz version of the song better, though. Any chance of finding some footage to match it? 😉

    What are the chances of seeing you guys in the stands on night at Jingu on August 24?

  • I, for one, was planning to be there anyway. We’ll have Marcus Lovitt, our photographer, out as well.

    We’ll be in our usual seats. I do hope the crowd is planning to support the home team.

  • Well, I got tickets for that game for the crowd. we’ll be seated in the 1st base side infield seats, so unfortunately we’ll be separated from you bleacher bums by the crevasse of Jingu. I’ll be cheering for the Swallows, at least 🙂

  • At least you’ll be on the home side, albeit surrounded by the ever-drifting creamed corn that is Hanshin-dom. Who knows, though, if Hanshin gets on a slide again and Tokyo keeps up our spoiler role against them, maybe a lot of the fair-weather types will stay home.

    We’ll meet up with you guys before and/or after the game anyway – it’ll be good to put faces to names.

  • I would love to be there on the 24th but unfortunately (shameless plug alert) I have a gig that night –

    I should however be at the other game of that series.

  • I’m as much a Hanshin fan as I am a Kyojin fan. So the birds have my support on the 24th.

  • Glad to hear it, Mr. Westbay – I knew I liked you. That said, I think I shall cry like a little girl if your BayStars spank us again tonight – I’ll root for Yokohama against anyone but Tokyo, which unfortunately means the only times I’m not supporting the ‘Stars are when they tend to win.

  • Yeah, it’ll be good to meet up before/after the game. I tend to hit The Office after games at Jingu. It overlooks the Gaienmae intersection but is tucked away on the 4th or 5th floor of a building so doesn’t get crowded (not that I know any izakayas that get the post-game Swallows crowd, do you?) A neat place, if you guys are up for it, very unbaseball-like though 😛

  • Looks like a nice spot (although I do hope the copy machine is for show – too much verisimilitude when mimicking an office might not be a good thing.)

    Places that draw the Jingu crowd tend to have large beer ads prominently displayed, but we’re always up for new places, especially in that neighborhood. Unbaseball-like is perfectly fine, even (heresy!) desirable in a bar – as long as they have booze to be had for not outrageous prices. (Funny, but the older I get, the more content I become to drink my barley-pop out of a can in a park – the only big difference between now and my youth is that I can afford the decent stuff these days.)

    For izakaya, we usually just go into Shinjuku, or thereabouts – all depends on who’s at the game and where they live.

  • The bar/cafe’s rather unoffice-like too, so no worries there.

    Anyways, not sure if anyone else is in the same position I am (no BS… err, I mean no satellite reception at home) and want to catch the Japan – Taiwan game tonight somewhere out in town.

    Most of the Hubs are showing the game, which starts at 8pm.

    I’m good for anywhere on the Yamanote between Ebisu and Ikebukuro, though I’m closest to Shibuya, the Ebisu and Harajuku locations should be relatively quieter.

    Any takers?

  • Tempting, but unfortunately I doubt I’ll finish my work in time to go out.

    If you want, e-mail me your keitai e-mail address and I might go out to catch up with you if I knuckle down and get this stuff done.

    The Hub in Takadanobaba is relatively big and usually draws a crowd of students. Because Waseda and Mejiro are on summer holidays, it’ll probably be nice and quiet – easy to get a table, no line at the bar. If the Hub gets crowded, Baba also has the advantage of having the Cantina (imagine a Tex-Mex-themed Hub run by the former manager of the Baba Hub) just on the other side of the station, which is also relatively cheap, laid back, and will almost certainly be showing the game.

  • If anyone else wants to join, they can probably contact you! 🙂

    OK, so the Takadanobaba Hub it is then.

  • Great, I’ll try to make it out. For anyone who wants to catch up with Simon, the Takadanobaba Hub is out of the Waseda exit, across the square, next to KFC.

    If you need more info, just comment here and one of the two of us will get back to you.

  • Looks like the morning games are experiencing rain delay and haven’t concluded yet. Hmm… things like thunderstorms in Beijing today, wonder if the nightcaps will be played at all. Guess we’ll know if they manage to finish the early games.

  • Afternoon games are in a rain delay right now in a torrential downpour, apparently. There may be no games tonight, after all.

  • As an aside, Baystars fans don’t actually sing that song in the 7th inning anymore, they sing an ouenka called “Winning Ball”. The “whoa whoa whoa” song, a short version IS sung after scoring a run, true.

    And well, I’m going to get punched for saying this, but I still think “We love love love love love love love love Marines” is the dumbest team song.

    BTW, the Japan-Taiwan game seems to be showing on normal broadcast channel 6 for me here… and I’ve seen like FOUR Japanese players get hit by pitches in the last hour, WTF.

    As for the 24th, I’ll be there too. Happy to follow people somewhere afterwards, since I don’t have work the next day.

  • It was good to meet Garrett, first person I met in real from here or After a one hour rain delay, we did get to see the game in the pub. And from all the commercials, it was terrestrial broadcast. And now that I look at the Olympic broadcast schedule I see that all baseball games are on terrestrial (duh). But it was good to get out anyways, even though I was too busy half the time talking to really pay attention to the game, the crowd at Hub was well into the game, so their every reaction was fun. And good thing Japan scored 4 in the top of the 9th for Uehara, though he looked good.

  • It was good meeting you, too, Simon. Lucky for me that the rain pushed the game back a bit.

    Deanna, you’ve got me thinking now – that Marines song is pretty bad. There are so many bad team songs, it’s so hard to choose.

    Thankfully no one sings it, but the cacophonous late-’90s insipid lip-synched J-pop fiasco unveiled by Jingu’s waste of time, money, and punters’ patience, DDS, has been played at every home game since its ill-advised debut. You guys will get to suffer through it when you go there. If you’re really lucky, the sound guys at Jingu will be in top form showing the home fans what the stadium thinks of them by drowning out the Swallows’ own crowd with that wretched pop “gem.”

  • I never understood why the Swallows sound guys always drown out a perfectly fine Tokyo Ondo.

  • Because they hate us. (I hope that’s not actually true, but it would explain many of the minor irritations the home fan faces at Jingu. I should write a post on those someday.)

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