T-shirts at Jingu Stadium

Front view of Jingu T-shirt

Front view of "Jingu" T-shirt

Update: October 9th, 2011 – More than three years later, these guys are still going strong! They’re still located in the same place near the fan club ticket window, and they have increased the variety of products that they have available. Their selection is often superior to what is available once you have entered the stadium. You can also find a few merchandise options through our online shop here.

There’s a new game in town this year as far as t-shirts are concerned.

Grand Slam Sports Enterprises has found a niche market selling an ever-changing array of Tokyo Yakult Swallows t-shirts and souvenirs over by the fan club ticket window at Meiji Jingu stadium.

They’ve come out with a bunch of designs that are far superior to the stuff that is put out by the club in its official fan club catalogue despite the fact that they work from only a couple of tables.

The shirt shown here is GSSE’s “Jingu” design which is ideal for those of us who wish to pay homage to one of the oldest professional baseball stadiums in the country.

I might be wrong, but shirts run through XL and are typically between 2,500 and 3,000 yen apiece. Be warned, however, that they run through inventory VERY quickly!

In other words, if you saw a shirt in your size you liked last week and thought you’d wait until next week’s Hanshin series to pick it up, think again.

The good news though is that they’ll probably have two or three new designs in to placate you. There’s info on another design that they’re still selling here.

[scroll down below image for access details]

Back of Jingu T-shirt -- House of Gods

Back of "Jingu" T-shirt -- House of Gods / Home of the Swallows / since 1964 / Jingu Stadium / Tokyo Japan

To find GSSE’s wares, first you have to get to Jingu stadium on game day. Then you need to find the fan club ticket window (between gates five and six). GSSE’s tables are in that area under the overhang of the stadium.

  • If you’re coming from Gaienmae station on the Ginza subway line, then you turn right once you reach the stadium.
  • If you’re coming from Sendagaya station on the Chuo Sobu train line, and you’ve followed the crowds toward the stadium, then you’re probably going to arrive at the stadium near gate 13 which means that you need to turn right.
  • If you’re coming from Shinanomachi station on the Chuo Sobu train line, and you’ve followed the crowds toward the stadium, then you’ve most likely arrived near gate 16 and you’ll need to turn left in order to find GSSE’s t-shirts. Be sure to pick up a ticket at the ticket box near gate 17 on your way through if you’re planning on sitting in the right field bleachers with the rowdies.
  • If you’re coming from Kokuritsu-kyougijou on the Oedo subway line, then it depends on which exit you come out of. If you follow people to the stadium and end up at gate 13, turn right. If you arrive at gate 16, turn left.
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