Dirt Cheap (Even Free) Swallows vs. Carp Tickets

By a stroke of luck, I have one adult ticket and two children’s tickets to the Swallows vs. Carp game in Kure, Hiroshima (about half an hour from Hiroshima City) at 6:00 p.m., Monday, August 4th.

The face prices are ?1,500 adult, ?700 child (actual prices higher as no ticket agents carry them and Kure wants certified money orders sent registered mail, plus return registered mail postage, all of which adds about a third to the adult ticket price.) I’m willing to part with the lot for the best offer I get in money or barter (or even free!) Heck, even if you wanted only the one adult ticket, you could get it more cheaply here than by buying it from the city. Comment here or e-mail us at transpacificradio@gmail.com and make an offer.

I can mail the tickets to you if you like, or meet you in Kure before the game and hand them to you in person, if that’s better for you.

It’s a great chance to catch a home-away-from-home game for Hiroshima in a smaller, more intimate setting than Hiroshima Municipal Stadium (and a good chance to catch a game while avoiding the crowds in Hiroshima surrounding the 63rd anniversary of the atomic bombing.)

Even if you don’t need the tickets, I’ll be in Hiroshima for the Sunday, August 3rd game, then Kure for the game on the 4th, then down in nearby Matsuyama for the Swallows’ home-away-from-home game on August 6th at Botchan Stadium, where the Swallows winter, if anyone reading this wants to meet up.

  • No offers, so I’ll amend it. If you want to go to the game, let me know and I’ll give, yes give, you a ticket at the stadium.