Mr. Watkins's Secret Past

No baseball. Lots of work. Here’s a throwaway post to tide everyone over.

When I first met our own David Watkins in the stands at Jingu, I was impressed at the breadth and depth of his baseball knowledge, not to mention his enthusiasm for the game. After all, baseball has about the fan base of curling whence he hails.

Then I stumbled upon this and it all became clear:

Dave Watkins Phillies baseball card

(Yes, I know. It’s a slow day and this took so little effort. . .)

That’s actually the Philadelphia Phillies’ catcher Dave Watkins, of course. He played only the 1969 season.

  • Uh? You found me out! I think I’ve aged pretty well actually. Watkins’ rule!

  • Jack from CA

    Where are you from? I actually would have believed that was you.

  • Hey Jack, I’m a product of the sunny metropolis of Birmingham, England. The “other” Dave Watkins looks far to healthy to hail from the city of Brum.