Iwamura 3-game Suspension for June 5th Brawl

Tamba Bay Devil Rays Infielder Akinori IwamuraTampa Bay Devil Rays second baseman, and former Tokyo Yakult Swallows slugger, Akinori Iwamura, had his appeal to reduce the severity of his three-game suspension rejected.

He will sit out the rest of the series versus the Pittsburgh Pirates and the first game of the Boston Red Sox series that is scheduled for Monday.

Iwamura was cited for punching Coco Crisp after he was already tackled to the ground following Crisp’s beanball-induced mound charge in the bottom of the second inning. A benches-clearing brawl ensued, and three players, Crisp, Shields and Gomes, were ejected. Iwamura stayed in the game and went one for four.

Shields, the pitcher that threw at Crisp, later admitted that it was intentional.

Iwamura was likely still a bit testy from a very hard slide he received from Crisp at second base the night before. This is the same incident that Shields was referring to when he plunked Crisp early in the June 5th contest. Click here for video of the buildup to, and culmination of, the brawl that Iwamura partook in.

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  • This was an ugly multi-day incident leading up to the brawl eh. And now Iwamura’s been on the receiving end of 2 spikes up slides for no fault of his own (Shelly Duncan during spring training).

    So, have the Rays managed to turn the AL East into a 3 way battle both on and off the field?

  • The home team has swept all three of the series thus far this season (Boston leads six games to three). Round four begins tomorrow night in Tampa Bay where Shields will once again be on the mound.

    Yeah, the AL East is hot right now with the Rays trailing the Sox by only half a game.

    I’m liking the drama.

  • As a Cubs fan indoctrinated from birth, I was disappointed to hear my Tampa-swelling kid brother say he wore neutral colors to the Cubs’ series at Tropicana Field recently, but given the renaissance Tampa Bay has shown this year and the tightness of the AL East contest (and the fact that the Cubs are on an inexorable road to the World Series title, one I cannot jinx), I can see why TB would draw his attention and respect.

    (He’s still been disowned as an apostate, of course.)