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Hitomi Aizawa Tokyo Yakult SwallowsThis is a project that needed doing. As I sit here, my beloved Tokyo Yakult Swallows have, once again, begun their predictable, but still disappointing plummet to the depths of Nippon Pro Yakyu‘s Central League. As of this writing, on the night of Thursday, June 5th, 2008, the Swallows are in fifth place with a record of 23-29-0 (a win percentage of .442) and are in the midst of what’s set to be just over two more tough weeks of Interleague play against stronger Pacific League teams before resuming Central League games against the league-leading Hanshin Tigers (“home” games up in Akita) on June 28th and 29th. Around here, we keep up hope of a turnaround, but know it could be a rough few weeks.

On the bright side, the next Central League series at the Swallows’ actual home, venerable Meiji Jingu Stadium, in a scenic patch of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward (near JR Shinanomachi and Sendagaya stations and Tokyo Metro Gaienmae station, should anyone reading this want to take in a game), will be against the Yokohama BayStars, the only team in Japan with a worse win percentage, so there’s a decent chance of an invigorating sweep.

That said, Chris Pellegrini and I, whom you’ll soon meet here, have trekked down to Yokohama Stadium twice so far, only to see Tokyo, led by new acquisition, Spanish-American pitcher Daniel Rios, blow two leads for two dispiriting losses. (At least the bartenders in the neighborhood of the stadium are friendly and, it being Yokohama, not all that aware that the BayStars had just played – things are different down there.)

Anyway, I’m rambling. It’s late and I just wanted to get something up.

This is a blog by and for Tokyo Yakult Swallows fans, about, obviously, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. Check back here for regular commentary and analysis of the team, its players, its management, its stadium, and, yes, its fans, from Chris Pellegrini, Dave Watkins, and myself.

You can find us at Jingu Stadium.  Stop by, say hi, buy us a beer from the Beer Oji, laugh and cry about baseball with us. If you can’t do that, check back here often and find out what’s going on with the Tokyo Swallows.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back soon with more.

  • SteveB

    Thanks to that pic, I’ll never be able to think the same way about Yakult Swallows again…