Tokyo Swallows Snapshot: May 7th, 2012

Hello, all you Swallowers! Here’s something to read while claiming your shark repellent spray refund. Miyamoto’s Meikyukai Induction Miyamoto became the 40th batter to reach the 2,000 hit milestone with a single in his first at-bat against Hiroshima starter, Yuya Fukui on Friday. The game was immediately halted as Miyamoto’s teammates came onto the field […]

Tsubamegun Opinion Poll: April 27th, 2012

Today is a travel day for the Tokyo Swallows as they prepare to play games on nine consecutive days. The team’s next scheduled day off is Monday May 7th. Spirits are high in Tokyo as the birds recently swept the Yomiuri Giants and took two games from the Chunichi Dragons (one tie). But the past […]

Tokyo Swallows Snapshot: April 16, 2012

Something for you to read while fielding offers for a more appropriate gig. Swallows of the Week Week 2 Ishikawa was the week one MVP, but he tanked after that. Hopefully the same fate does not await the winner of the week two polling. 31 people voted this time around, and they had five choices: Shingo […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: February 22, 2012

Tsubamegun got one hell of a shout out from fellow Japanese baseball watcher, NPB Tracker. Thanks, Patrick! Tokyo batting coach, Takao Ise, has been selected as one of the six coaches representing the nation as part of this year’s Samurai Japan team. One coach was selected from each of the top three teams in the Central […]

Tsubamegun Opinion Poll: January 25th, 2012

**The poll is now closed. Click here to see the results of the vote. Here’s a poll to keep your mind off of what you should actually be doing at work. You will be asked for your opinions on topics such as who should get the most starts at third, and whether or not the […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: January 21, 2012

We’ll do another ‘Opening Day Lineup’ post soon, especially now that Aoki has officially flown the coop, but let’s first take a moment to check in with the rest of the team. At least two Tokyo players have already contracted the flu. Awesome. I’m a bit confused because this is normally what happens to the […]

Top Five Tokyo Swallows Posts of 2011

Hello 2012, and Happy New Year to everyone out there in Tsubamegun land! We’d like to welcome you to the new year, and a spring training camp in Okinawa that’s only a month away, by looking back briefly on the most popular posts of last season. They’re listed here according to page views, and it’s […]

Baseball After the Quake

Exactly one month and a day after the Tohoku-region of Japan was struck by a magnitude 9 earthquake and its subsequent tsunamis, both leagues of NPB will begin their seasons. For all of our readers who only follow us through this site, let me reassure that all four of us and our families are safe […]

Wishful Thinking (2009 Version)

1. Yakult uses the recession as an excuse to finally sell the team (to us) 2. Aikawa hits better than .220 3. Takada actually plays to win this season (as the new logo would lead us to believe) 4. Bobby Valentine replaces Takada for the 2010 campaign when #3 doesn’t pan out 5. Hara does […]

The Tsubamegun Grows

While this site is yet quite young, it appears there’s more interest in our swift little birds of Tokyo than we realized (and a growing interest in Japanese baseball in general.)  Last night, Thursday, June 13th, sometime in the evening, almost exactly two weeks, down to the hour, after we started this blog, Tsubamegun: The […]