Jul 29th 2014, @ Hanshin

Yagi: good lad

July 29th, 2014 Tokyo Swallows 4 Hanshin Tigers 0 Streak:Won 1   Last 5: LLLLW (Koshien Stadium) After getting roundly humiliated at home this past weekend, the Swallows looked to re-establish a modicum of pride as they visited Koshien to play Hanshin. And thankfully they managed to do just that, as Yagi pitched a superb […]

Jul 26th & 27th 2014, vs Yokohama

I bet it's fun to win blow outs...

July 26th & 27th, 2014 Yokohama BayStars 17 (7+10) Tokyo Swallows 2 (1+1) Streak: Lost 5 Last 5: LLLLL Last 10 vs. Yokohama: WLLLLLLLLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) It was an utterly depressing weekend to be a Swallows fan. The heat at Jingu was oppressive and the baseball transitioned from bad to abysmal. Rather than subject […]

Jul 25th 2014, vs Yokohama

July 25th, 2014 Yokohama BayStars 3 Tokyo Swallows 2 Streak: Lost 3 Last 5: LWLLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) The Swallows moved a futon down to the cellar as they dropped below .400 and to two games behind the BayStars in a close game, with a finish out of Mudville. (Well, almost.) Despite the low score, […]

Jul 23rd 2014, vs Hiroshima

Sad Ishiyama is sad.

July 23rd, 2014 Hiroshima Carp 4 Tokyo Swallows 2 Streak: Lost 2 Last 5: LLWLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) The Swallows lose yet another game in which a quality start was wasted by a late inning bullpen meltdown. Taichi Ishiyama had his best start yet, but still couldn’t get his first win as a starter. The Swallows […]

Jul 22nd 2014, vs Hiroshima

Good on Ueda for making clutch plays in center. Yet I still want to call this one "Ueda Runs in the Wall".

July 22nd, 2014 Hiroshima Carp 7 Tokyo Swallows 4 Streak: Lost 1  Last 5: WLLWL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Yagi got a quality start and the Swallows offence managed to overcome an early deficit but late-game fireworks by the Carp put away the Swallows in extra innings. The game started with a ten pitch at bat between Dobayashi […]

Jul 21st 2014, vs Hiroshima

He's back

July 21st, 2014 Hiroshima Carp 2 Tokyo Swallows 3 Streak: Won 1  Last 5: LWLLW (Meiji Jingu Stadium) The Swallows celebrated the wonder of the Marine Day national holiday with a win at home against the third placed Carp, a win that also registered as Yasuhiro Ogawa’s first since way back on April 11th. Yes people, you […]

Jul 16th 2014, @ Yomiuri

Giants Love

July 16th, 2014 Tokyo Swallows 2 Yomiuri Giants 5 Streak: Lost 2    Last 5: LLWLL (Tokyo Dome) Tonight saw Kiya called in to make an emergency start as the originally slated starter Narveson was scratched due to neck pain, while Tokyo’s offence couldn’t get anything going until it was too late. Kiya was by […]

Jul 15th 2014, @ Yomiuri

Ishiyama. Deserved better.

July 15th, 2014 Tokyo Swallows 3 Yomiuri Giants 4 Streak: Lost 1    Last 5: LLLWL (Tokyo Dome) The coaching staff needlessly attempted to ride a superb Ishiyama start an inning too far, and as a result, a comfortable victory was converted to the shit sandwich of a sayonara extra-innings loss. Ishiyama pitched a sublime […]

Jul 14th 2014, @ Yomiuri

'Nori allowed only one run over eight very solid innings.

July 14th, 2014 Tokyo Swallows 12 Yomiuri Giants 1 Streak: Won 1    Last 5: LLLLW (Tokyo Dome) After getting swept by the BayStars at home for the first time in 14 years, your birds were clearly a little upset. And they decided to take their frustrations out on local bully, Yomiuri. Funnily enough, the […]

Jul 13th 2014, vs Yokohama


July 13th, 2014 Yokohama BayStars 8 Tokyo Swallows 4 Streak: Lost 5 Last 5: LLLLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) For a while there, it looked like the birds would get held to one run again, but the final scoreline was a bit closer than the two previous evenings. But, alas, the result was still the same. […]