Merchandise Info

We are happy to offer our own, Christopher Pellegrini-designed, “TS” (as opposed to “YS”) baseball caps, which emphasize the Tokyo part over the Yakult part, just the way we like it. Check them out and order them here. You’ll find that the selection has grown a bit over the past several months. Stick with us, and support us, and we may be able to offer more in the future.

We also occasionally offer T-shirts (usually insulting the Yomiuri Giants in some way, like this one) made by fans at Jingu Stadium – we’ll post those when they come out.

Unfortunately, we are not able to fill orders or act as an intermediary on requests for merchandise from the official Tokyo Yakult Swallows store or catalog.

This sucks, we know it, and we wish it were different. The team’s domestic merchandising and marketing is improving, but still woeful (especially by comparison to MLB teams). International marketing, merchandising, and shipping are either nonexistent or might as well be.

We’re thrilled to see that so many people in North America and elsewhere are into the Swallows enough to want their stuff – we know the feeling. We’d like to be able to offer the whole catalog, directly through this site (or some other convenient spot), and we’re working on it, but things move slowly and we don’t always have the access we’d like.

We don’t sell or ship team merchandise, even with the premiums many who make such requests are willing to offer, because we have so little control over the process. We can’t guarantee availability, sizing, quality, shipping dates, or prices (and things get even worse in the offseason).

We’re sure you’re sincere. We’re sure you’re trustworthy and we know we’re all on the same team here, but handling international merchandise orders can be a full-time job for a bit. We hate it even more than you do.

In the meantime, comment here with merchandise requests (understanding that we can’t fill them), just so we can maybe show this stuff to the Swallows’ marketing department and demonstrate how worthwhile establishing a system for international orders would be.

When a system is finally in place, we’ll trumpet it loud and clear and joyously flog tat from here to America to Korea to Taiwan to Kosrae to Tierra del Fuego and back again (whatever all of that means).

We really are sorry about this sad state of affairs. Thanks for your understanding.