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The Tsubamegun has no official connection with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows Professional Baseball Club, nor do we pretend to. No one on this site speaks for the club or has any power over or responsibility for anything the club or Jingu Stadium does or does not do. We’re happy to hear about it and talk about it, and we can answer many questions – that’s what the site is here for, but that’s where our involvement ends.

Our bias is open and extreme. Nevertheless, we are interested in and encourage interest in all 12 NPB clubs and make an attempt to provide information on all of them. If you have a question regarding a club other than Tokyo, especially concerning going to a game, let us know – we can’t promise anything, but we’ve been to most pro baseball venues in Japan and have enjoyed every single one.

If you follow a team other than the Swallows and have toyed with the idea of blogging about your club, please e-mail uswe’d love to help. It is is our dream to help build a network of detailed, dedicated, gloriously partisan team sites, even for our deepest rivals.

Going to a game at Jingu.

About Us: David Watkins, Christopher Pellegrini, Garrett DeOrio, Kozo Ota, and Dan Yoshimoto are Tokyoites who spend perhaps a little too much time watching, discussing, and fretting about Japanese Pro Baseball, especially their beloved Tokyo Yakult Swallows.

This website is intended to give updates on things that may not be accessible to those not proficient in Japanese, too far away from Japan to keep up with the game easily, or who just don’t have the time or inclination to dig hither, thither, and yon, listen to the gossip in the stadium, and drag up the details that can make baseball such an intriguing game. Most of all, we hope it will help increase interest in the Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Japanese baseball in general.

We appreciate any and all input from readers, whether you know anything about Japanese baseball or not, whether you really give a fig or not, even if you’re a Yomiuri Giants or Hanshin Tigers fan.

The Categories:

Game Reports – This is where you can find results and summaries for all Tokyo Yakult Swallows games since June 6th, 2008. (We’re working on adding earlier games, so look for that date to change.)

News & Notes – News reports and commentary pieces from our excellent team of writers.

TS Podcast – This is where you can find our insightful audio commentary.

The Pages:

Standings/Results – This page has the Swallows’ current record, the date, time, location, and even weather forecasts of the Swallows’ next few games, and the scores and summaries of the last couple of series. A breakdown of the team’s home and away records and the scores of every game this season are listed at the bottom of the page with links to game summaries in the Results Archive.

Stats, History, & More – This page is an index, or a table of contents, if you prefer, leading to the following pages:

Player Stats – This page is what it says – the current stats of active players on the team, updated as often as we can.
Swallows History – This page, a work in progress, is precisely what its title says it is.
NPB Standings 1991-2010 – Complete Central League and Pacific League standings and game-by-game Climax Series, Pacific League Playoff, and Japan Series results for every season from 1991 to the present. (To be joined by earlier years soon.)