Jun 15th 2016, vs. Fukuoka

June 15th, 2016

Fukuoka Hawks 6

Tokyo Swallows 4

Streak: Lost 1 Last 5: WLLWL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

W: Wada ( 8-2 ; 2.97 ERA )
L: Furuno ( 0-2 ; 9.45 )
S: Sarfate ( 23 S ; 1.35 )

The Swallows will have to wait at least another evening for their first interleague series win, as they lost one in which their Nippon Ichi opposition were always one step ahead.

 Softbank Tokyo
1Imamiya (SS)1Ohbiki (SS)
2Kidokoro (RF)2Sakaguchi (CF)
3Yanagita (CF)3Kawabata (3B)
4Uchikawa (1B)4Yamada (2B)
5Matsuda (3B)5Balentien (LF)
6Nakamura (LF)6Yuhei (RF)
7Tsuruoka (C)7Nishida (1B)
8Makihara (2B)8Nakamura (C)
9Wada (P)9Furuno (P)

Furuno started this one, and went four innings “deep”, leaving the Swallows down by two runs off six hits as Nakazawa came in from the pen to start the 5th. 2-0 Fukuoka.

Nakazawa then proceeded to shit the bed, getting just the one out and conceding two runs off two walks and two hits (4-0) before Ryu Hirai (remember him?) came in for his first top team action since 2013 to pitch 1.2 innings of hitless relief to stem the bleeding. Times are hard on the pitching front eh? But you all already knew that.

The Tokyo bats then proceeded to get themselves back in the game somewhat, with Yamada’s solo shot to dead centre off starter Wada in the 6th making it 4-1.

Muranaka then gave one back to the Hawks in the top of the 7th, 5-1, before the Swallows got to face the Hawks bullpen arms.

In the bottom of the 7th, singles from Nakamura and Araki laid the table for an Ohbiki double off the fence in right (a foot shy of a three run shot) which made it 5-2. And they were robbed of another run as a Sakaguchi grounder to first lead to Araki being tagged out at home. Only problem being catcher Tsuruoka was clearly blocking the running lane prior to catching the ball which is thus illegal according to the garbage new collision rules, but the umps clearly were checking their phones and not the replay monitor during their five minute deliberation delay, and the runner was confirmed to be out after review. As if the Hawks need any more help.

Matsuoka was responsible for another run in the top of the 8th to edge Fukuoka further ahead once more, 6-2, before the “pivotal” bottom of the 8th was upon us.

Facing reliever Mori, singles from Coco and Yuhei got things off to a good start, with an Imanami pinch-hit double scoring the Swallows’ third run, 6-3. With two men now in scoring positions, a ground out from Namamura was good enough for another run, 6-4. Araki was then plunked, Sakaguchi singled which meant a bases loaded two out chance for Kawabata. Can you say strike out swinging? Great, because that’s what happened.

And with Sarfate coming in to dispatch Yamada, Balentien, and Yuhei with ease, we had ourselves a why on earth did this have to take four hours and ten minutes 6-4 Fukuoka Final.

Game Notage

  • Tomorrow will see Ogawa take the mound against some Softbank dude.
  • I’ve wasted enough of my time already on this shit.


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  • Kozo

    Apparently Furuno injured himself in the fourth, hence the early Nakazawa appearance.


  • Andy G

    Yeah, he slipped and fell on Makihara’s horrendous attempt at a squeeze which ended the inning in a double play. Nishida caught it easily and threw Tsuruoka out at 3rd, but Furuno initially thought he might need to field it and toppled over. Seemed innocuous at the time though!