May 8th 2016, @ Hanshin

May 8th, 2016

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Hanshin Tigers 1

Streak: Won 2  Last 5: LLLWW

(Koshien Stadium)

Last week, Juri Hara broke his streak of weak starts and notched a win, going deeper into the game than he had to that point. This afternoon, Tokyo was looking to the youngster to be able to establish some consistency and help the Swallows leave Koshien having won the series.

W: Hara (2-2-0); L: Noumi (2-3-0)

 Tokyo Hanshin
1Hiyane (CF)1Takayama (CF)
2Kawabata (3B)2Yamato (2B)
3Yamada (2B)3Toritani (SS)
4Balentien (LF)4Fukudome (RF)
5Hatakeyama (1B)5Gomez (1B)
6Yuhei (RF)6Itayama (LF)
7Ohbiki (SS)7Haraguchi (C)
8Nakamura (C)8Hojo (3B)
9 Hara (RHP)9Noumi (LHP)
RPAkiyoshi (R), Lueke (R)RPTakahashi (L), Ando (R), Ishizaki (R)

The Scoring:

Top of the first, one out. Tit-for-tat. The Swallows got out in the lead early this game, in a mirror image of Friday night’s game. Kawabata singled on a line drive to center. Quickly thereafter, Yamada gave Tokyo fans the first pitch he saw as a souvenir. Low, inside straight knocked for a two-run homer. 2-0 Tokyo.

Top of the seventh. Takahashi took over hurling duties for the Tigers. Kawabata led off with a single. Yamada drove him in with a double to center. 3-0 Tokyo.

Bottom of the seventh. Hara struck out Itayama, then walked Haraguchi. Hojo singled, but got nabbed on the next play, when Arai singled. With Haraguchi and Arai on the corners, Takayama hit an RBI single to right. Yamato grounded out to end the inning. This got Hara pulled for Akiyoshi. 3-1 Tokyo.

Top of the ninth. Kawabata led off with a single before advancing to third on a Yamada hit-and-run. Yamada then stole second. Sakaguchi drove Kawabata in on a sac fly. Hatakeyama then doubled Yamada in. 5-1 Tokyo, Final.

  • bcampb

    I am beginning to think that maybe, just possibly, Yamada might be kinda good.