May 1st 2016, vs. Yomiuri

May 1st, 2016

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Tokyo Swallows 11

Streak: Won 4 Last 5: LWWWW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

Donald Trump is wrong. There is no amount of winning that is too much. Whatever the ills of spanking, slapping the asses of the orange mugs all over Jingu has been an unmitigated joy. (Giants fans liked it, too, deep down.)

W: Hara (1-2-0); L: Takagi (2-2-0)

Hara got a win! And more, much more.

 Yomiuri Tokyo
1Tatsuoka (CF)1Sakaguchi (CF)
2Kataoka (2B)2Kawabata (3B)
3Sakamoto (SS)3Yamada (2B)
4Garrett (1B)4Balentien (LF)
5Chono (RF)5Yuhei (RF)
6Kamei (LF)6Imanari (1B)
7Murata (3B)7Ohbiki (SS)
8Kobayashi (C)8Nakamura (C)
9Takagi (RHP)9Hara (RHP)
RPTone, Tahara, Kumon, MiyaguniRPMuranka, Akiyoshi, Perez

The Scoring:

This is going to take a while. You might want to save this one to read on the beach during your summer vacation.

Top of the first, one out. Kataoka doubled. Sakamoto grounded out. Garrett walked. (That guy really needs to use his family name. I didn’t think hearing Gomiuri fans could have been any less pleasant than it was prior to his arrival, but now it’s hellish.) Chono walked. Kamei drove in two runs. 2-0 Tokyo.

I am really tired of Juri Hara making Sundays suck.

Thankfully, he pulled one out this time. From here on out, it’s a romp, ladies and gents.

Bottom of the second. Balentien singled. Yuhei struck out. Imanari walked. Ohbiki singled. Nakamura hit a sac fly to center, driving Coco home. Then Hara, making me eat every frustrated word I’d written about him, hit a two-run double. Hara. 3-2 Tokyo.

Bottom of the third, one out. Takagi threw a curve over the plate and Yamada made a meal of it. 4-2 Tokyo.

Bottom of the fifth. Furinige! On a 2-2 count, Takagi threw a meatball that bounced right over Kobayashi’s spaghetti, allowing Hara–Yes, Hara–to race to first. Never has my opinion of a player been so changed by one game. Sakaguchi popped out, Kawabata struck out, but Yamada struck again. First pitch near the strike zone he saw, he gave it to the visiting fans as a souvenir. Way to ruin Hara’s chance at a hero interview, Tetsuto. 6-2 Tokyo.

Bottom of the seventh, one out. Sakaguchi hit a high-bouncing infield single. Kumon then hit Kawabata with a high, inside straight. Yamada popped out to second. No worries, though. Coco stepped in to do what needed to be done–his favorite thing, it seems. He homered off of a Giants pitcher. This time to dead center. 9-2 Tokyo.

Bottom of the eighth, one out. Nakamura and Takeuchi strung two base hits together. Sakaguchi grounded out, advancing both runners. Kawabata then hit a single to left with a nice, high bound that allowed two runs to score. That would be the end of the offensive fun for the evening. 11-2 Tokyo, Final.

That’s a sweep of the forces of evil. The redemption of the season is dawning. The Swallows head down to Yokohama on Tuesday to take on the Basters, who are doing their customary chilling in the cellar. (We kind of hoped Rami-chan would succeed–we’ll see.) Those losers have long had a way of frustrating us, though.

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