May 13th 2016, @ Yomiuri

May 13th, 2016

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Yomiuri Giants 3

Streak: Lost 1 Last 5: WLWWL

(Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome Egg)

In their first trip to the Biggish Egg since opening weekend, the Swallows had some redeeming of themselves to do. (Playing inside a dusty bubble has never been Tokyo’s favorite thing.) Both teams donned their alternate “Tokyo” uniforms for the occasion.

W: Tahara (2-1-0);L: Ondrusek (0-1-8)

This one was a pitching duel. Naruse had a solid outing, save for one very poor pitch, but Sugano outdid him a bit. Big fun in the 9th led to extra innings.

 Tokyo Yomiuri
1Sakaguchi (CF)1Chono (RF)
2Kawabata (3B)2Tatsuoka (CF)
3Yamada (2B)3Sakamoto (SS)
4Balentien (LF)4Garrett (1B)
5Yuhei (RF)5Cruz (2B)
6Hatakeyama (1B)6Kamei (LF)
7Ohbiki (SS)7Murata (3B)
8Nakamura (C)8Kobayashi (C)
9Naruse (LHP)9Sugano (RHP)
RPLueke (R), Akiyoshi (R), Muranaka (L), Ondrusek (R)RPSawamura (R), Mathieson (R), Yamaguchi (L), Tahara (R)

The Scoring:

Bottom of the second. Naruse started the side off by striking out Kamei on three straight pitches, then did his other favorite thing: He gave up a solo home run to Murata on the first pitch of the AB. 1-0 Yomiuri.

Top of the ninth. Much excitement! Imanami walked and was replaced on first by Hiyane. Araki attempted a sac-bunt, instead popping the ball up to Kobayashi, who threw to first, catching the diving Hiyane in the ass, then bouncing off of the playing field and into the “Excite Seat” area. Hiyane dashed safely to second. An umpire conference resulted in Hiyane being awarded third.

Sakaguchi followed that up with a line-drive RBI single to center. Kawabata then kept the rally going when he reached first on a Sakamoto fumble.

Tie game, two men on base, one out. Things were looking good.

Yamada popped out.

Balentien struck out.



Top of the twelfth. Iihara led off with a double to left, followed by a Yuhei single to right that evaded both Murata (playing first) and Cruz on its way to Chono, putting runners on the corners.  That got Yamaguchi yanked for Tahara.

Hatake at the plate (.636 career vs. Tahara). . .
Strike out.

Ohbiki. . . Grounder to the mound. Tahara turned to try to catch Yuhei at second and threw into centerfield. Iihara scored.

Two men on, one out. Hiyane popped out, but Yuhei advanced to third. Nishida (in at catcher) popped out. 2-1 Tokyo.

Bottom of the twelfth. Ondrusek on the mound again. Chono doubled, Matsuoka took over the running. Ota walked. Ondrusek got a talking to.

Sakamots – baseball’s most slappable player – doubled to deep left. Two runs in. 3-2 Gomiuri, Final.

  • Joshua

    Brutal end. Thought we may get the 3rd comeback in a row. Great site!