Apr 19th 2016, @ Hanshin

Apr 19th 2016

Tokyo Swallows 4Clean Hanshin Tigers Logo

Hanshin Tigers 8

Streak: Lost 1 Last 5: LWWWL

(Koshien Stadium)

W: Takahashi L: Perez

The Swallows winning streak was snapped at three games as Hanshin blew open the game in the eighth inning. Adding salt to the wound, the Swallows hottest hitter Yachi is out for an extended period after being hit by a pitch.

 Tokyo Hanshin
1Sakaguchi (CF)1Takayama (LF)
2Kawabata (3B)2Yamato (CF)
3Yamada (2B)3Egoshi (RF)
4Balentien (LF)4Gomez (1B)
5Yuhei (RF)5Toritani (SS)
6Imanami (1B)6Nishioka (2B)
7Yachi (SS)7Yohkawa (3B)
8Nakamura (C)8Umeno (C)
9Naruse (SP)9Fujinami (SP)

Hanshin starter Fujinami, who came in winning six straight decisions against the Swallows had an uncharacteristically bad outing lasting only five innings before surrendering the mound to the bullpen. The Hanshin bullpen moved than picked up the slack, throwing four shutout innings and keeping the Swallows at bay. Hanshin’s fourth pitcher of the night Takahashi picked up the win. 

Meanwhile for the Swallows, Naruse continued his inconsistent pitching, lasting only four innings and giving up four earned runs. Although Muranaka and Lueke continued their superb starts to the season, Hanshin managed to catch Luis Perez on an off night. In 2/3 innings of work, he gave up four hits, walked two, and four earned runs in the eighth inning. 

The Scoring

First inning: with the bases loaded and two out, failed big leaguer Nishioka hit a two run double off a 2-2 offering from Naruse. 2-0 Hanshin

Second inning: first baseman(!!!) Imanami singled to left field to drive in a run. After the Swallows loaded the bases later in the inning, Fujinami walked in another run. 2-2 tie

Third inning: Yuhei continued his hot hitting with an infield single to drive in another run. 3-2 Swallows

Third inning: Hanshin slugger Gomez hit a sacrifice fly to tie the game. 3-3

Fourth inning: with runners at first and second base, Balentien singled to right with two outs to drive in a run. 4-3 Swallows

Fourth inning: Hanshin catcher Umeno grounded into a double play and a run scored. 4-4

Eighth inning: with many Hanshins on many different bases throughout the inning, Toritani singled, Kano hit a sacrifice fly, Fujudome singled and Takayama hit an infield single to score four runs. Yawnnnnnnn. 8-4 Hanshin final

News and Notes

  • In the Swallows half of the third inning, Yachi took a pitch to his left wrist from Fujinami and will be out for an extended period. He joins Hatakeyama and Ohbiki as injured Swallows. 
  • The trio of Lueke, Perez, and Ondrusek finally gave up their first earned run of the season. 
  • Starters for Wednesday’s game are: Moriya for Hanshin while submariner Yamanaka makes his 2016 regular season debut for the Swallows. 
  • Philippe Sutra

    Obiki is injured? I though he was just bench. What is his injury?

    • Kozo

      Ohbiki was deactivated at the end of March citing a tweaked hip. Ohbiki is allegedly ready to return though. But we’ll see if he, or anyone else, can fill the hole left by Yachi’s incredibly hot bat over the last little bit.