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The Action Figure You Never Knew You Wanted Is Coming…

The Swallows and Bandai’s S.h. Figuarts announced the details of the upcoming Tsubakuro action figure. Bandai and the Swallows will begin taking orders on February 28 at 9:06 (Get it? 2896?). The actual figure will ship in late August. The 6,480 yen figure will let you model Tsubakuro in any number of ways to truly […]

TS Podcast After Hours #03 – Reviewing Past Drafts

Dan and I go through the Swallows’ last seven drafts to review who has been drafted and how it’s turned out for the team. We discuss the roster dynamics at play in Japanese baseball and evaluate each draft class according to its performance and discuss the potential for further performance. Hopefully this walk through memory […]

2015 Swallows’ Draft Recap

We usually post this recap shortly after the draft but this year the calendar year has already changed and all our draftees are already in spring camp giving me a bit more insight into how the team views its latest picks. But the 2015 draft was memorable not just for the players the team took […]

TS Podcast After Hours #02 – Cheering

After a slight delay due to technical difficulties I’m pleased to announce the second episode of the TS Podcast After Hours. In this episode Dan and I discuss and explain cheering in Japan. We go through major concepts found in Japanese cheering and explain how they apply specifically to the Swallows. Hopefully this episode will […]