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Jul 31st 2015, @ Hanshin

July 31st, 2015 Tokyo Swallows 8 Hanshin Tigers 10 Streak: Lost 2   Last 5: WLWLL (Koshien Stadium) Your Swallows jumped out to a healthy early lead, but Naruse couldn’t capitalize, and the Swallows dropped the first game of the series in Kansai. In fact, Tokyo’s prized off-season acquisition didn’t even survive a full four […]

July 30th, 2015 vs Hiroshima

July 30th, 2015 Hiroshima Carp  5  Tokyo Swallows 4 Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: WWLWL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Tonight’s game was a reminder that the Swallows can’t take their position and past accomplishments for granted. All of the Swallows’ strengths were on display until the failure of a major strength lead to the loss. The […]

July 29th, 2015 vs Hiroshima

July 29th, 2015 Hiroshima Carp  3   Tokyo Swallows 8 Streak: Won 1   Last 5: WWWLW (Meiji Jingu Stadium) The Swallows bounced back from Tuesday night’s spanking with a comprehensive win of their own. The starters for tonight were Ogawa for the Swallows, Imai for Hiroshima. Imai was making his first start since 2013 and […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 28 (July, 2015)

Dave and Kozo said some stuff in a very hot room in Tokyo about baseball. Specifically about reasons to be cheerful for Swallows fans as we enter the hot and sweaty summer months. Content Overview No.28, back-up catchers, and where the hell is Chris? The weird and wonderful state of the CL part 1. Hatake, […]

Jul 28th 2015, vs Hiroshima

July 28th, 2015 Hiroshima Carp  11 Tokyo Swallows 2 Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: WWWWL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) The law of averages was on display in fully effect as Tokyo’s seven game winning streak came to an end at the hands of Hiroshima at a packed Jingu. Tonight’s pitching match-up, Arakaki vs Kuroda, on paper […]

Jul 26th 2015, vs. Chunichi

July 26th, 2015 Chunichi Dragons 7 Tokyo Swallows 8 Streak: Won 7  Last 5: WWWWW (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Tokyo rode three home-runs and an error-prone Chunichi defense to extend their winning streak to seven in this offensive battle. The Scoring: Bottom of the first. Hiyane led off with a double. Kawabata bunted and reached first […]

Jul 25th 2015, vs Chunichi

July 25th, 2015 Chunichi Dragons 5 Tokyo Swallows 6 Streak: Won 6 Last 5: WWWWW (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Despite lasting more than three and a half hours in some pretty thick Tokyo summer humidity, fans were treated to an excited back and forth affair between the Central League’s recent past and its future. Matsuoka got […]

Jul 24th 2015, vs. Chunichi

July 24th, 2015 Chunichi Dragons 5 Tokyo Swallows 7 Streak: Won 5 Last 5: WWWWW (Meiji Jingu Stadium) The Swallows were looking to get above .500 yet again this season against Yudai Ohno who had owned the Swallows earlier in the season but had dropped the last two games against the Birds. Tateyama started for […]

Jul 22nd 2015, @ Yokohama

July 22nd, 2015 Tokyo Swallows 2 Yokohama BayStars 1 Streak: Won 4 Last 5: LWWWW (Yokohama Stadium) In a complete contrast to Tuesday night’s offensive explosion, the Swallows rode their pitching to an impressive win and SWEEEEEEEP the series in Yokohama.  The starters for this game were Ishikawa for the Swallows, rookie Ishida for Yokohama […]

Jul 21st 2015, @ Yokohama

July 21st, 2015 Tokyo Swallows 17 Yokohama BayStars 3 Streak: Won 3 Last 5: LLWWW (Yokohama Stadium) [Tonight: 17 runs off 22 hits] + [Last night: 8 runs off 17 hits] = These post-AllStar break Swallows have come to play. Tokyo did the bulk of their run scoring in the first and last innings of […]