Monday Bullets #19 (August Roundup Edition)

Monday Bullets is a feature in which Tsubamegun writers (mostly Kozo) gather random news, thoughts, images, movies, etc. during the week and publish them for off day consumption.

Chris, Dave, and I recorded a podcast a few nights ago and it should be going up very soon. The podcast ended up being a bit of a negativity-cast (as opposed to the previous positivity-cast) so I’ll try to keep it positive today.

  • The team went a respectable 14-11 in August which was the third best CL record during the month. The Swallows second winning record for a month this season. The Swallows record now stands at 49-64-2, which is better than the 45-69-1 record the team had at this point last year.
  • The Dragons had a horrible August going 7-20 and falling to fifth. The Dragons are two games ahead of the Swallows, so a sweep at Jingu during the three game series starting tomorrow will flip the standings between the two teams.
  • As the above numbers suggest the Swallows have 29 games left on their schedule. The have 8 games left against the Giants, 4 games left against the Tigers, 6 games left against the Carp, 6 games left against the Dragons, and 5 games left against the BayStars. The Swallows have 16 games left to play in Jingu, with at least one series against every other CL team left. (Two against the Giants.)
  • A bunch of Swallows had good Augusts and are probably in the running for offensive player of the month. My money is on Yamada since he appeared in more games than Balentien and had balanced stats.
    • Tetsuto Yamada – Lead the CL with a .373 BA in August. He also had 6 homers and 20 RBIs.
    • Wladimir Balentien – Lead the CL with home runs with 9 in August he also lead the league with a .473 OBP. He also hit .364 and collected 16 RBIs.
    • Shingo Kawabata – Lead the CL with 23 RBIs in August. He hit .315 with 2 home runs.
  • Chris Narveson had the second best ERA among starters in August with a flat 2.00 ERA, but probably won’t get the award since he only had a 2-1 record. Masanori Ishikawa actually had the most wins by CL pitchers in August with four wins.
  • Ishikawa still actually has a shot at the CL wins title, as his ten wins trails the 11 shared by three pitchers in the CL.
  • Coco Balentien is currently four home runs behind the inactive Brad Eldred for the CL home run title. It’s not clear how serious Balentien’s Achilles injury is as he’s been relegated to pinch hitter in the last two games.
  • After struggling mightily Emura and Kiya were sent down on Wednesday for Yamanaka and Abe. Akagawa was called up for Fujii on Friday, but after a bad start he was sent down for Noguchi the next day. The Swallows’ pitching carousel continues to turn.
  • This week’s photo is the display case of Swallows’ players’ equptment from the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Was in the neighborhood to eat some lamb ramen, and I stopped by for a peek. You can see Barnette’s glove, Milledge’s spikes, Tateyama’s uniform, and lots more!
Can you tell which glove belonged to Tony Barnette?

Can you tell which glove belonged to Tony Barnette?

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