Aug 3rd 2014, vs Chunichi

Aug 3rd, 2014

Chunichi LogoChunichi Dragons 1

Tokyo Swallows 7

Streak: Won 4   Last 5: LWWWW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

Those among you prone to shock might want to sit down.

W: Ogawa (5-3); L: Yudai (3-5)

See that? See what it means? That’s Tokyo’s first sweep since they swept the Dragons in Nagoya on May 16th to 18th (which immediately followed a sweep of the Giants). Let’s who achieved this feat tonight.

 Chunichi Tokyo
1Oshima (CF)1Yamada (2B)
2Araki (2B)2Yachi (SS)
3Hernandez (SS)3Kawabata (3B)
4Wada (LF)4Balentien (LF)
5Morino (1B)5Yuhei (RF)
6Hirata (RF)6Hatakeyama (1B)
7Takahashi (3B)7Ueda (CF)
8Tanishige (C)8Nakamura (C)
9Yudai (P)9Ogawa (P)
RPOkada, Asao, MatayoshiRPAkiyoshi, Emura

That’s them. Now for the Scoring:

Bottom of the first: With an out, Yachi doubled, Kawabata moved him over, and Balentien drove him in. 1-0 Tokyo.

Top of the second: Morino led off with a solo home run. 1-1.

That’s all the Chunichi scoring you’ll have to read about.

Bottom of the second: Nakamura returned the favor with a solo blast to right. 2-1 Tokyo.

Bottom of the third: With on out, Balentien added a homer to the tally. 3-1 Tokyo.

Bottom of the fourth: Yamada singled to right and stole second. Yachi grounded out, but moved Yamada to third, from which he scored on a Kawabata single. 4-1 Tokyo.

Bottom of the seventh: The once-frightening Asao took the mound and was welcomed to the game with a Coco solo home run. Yuhei doubled. Hatakeyama hit a two-run homer to center. 7-1 Tokyo, Final.

Tokyo hosts the Tigers starting Tuesday.