Aug 29th 2014, @ Hanshin

August 29th, 2014

Tokyo Swallows 5

Hanshin Tigers 10

Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: WLLWL

(Koshien Stadium)

The Swallows ended July, at Koshien, by winning their first three-game series since May. August may end as well – August has been a better month – but tonight was not a promising start.

W: Nomi (7-11); L: Akagawa (0-2)

See that? Game called in the top of the ninth, in the midst of a Tokyo rally, with the bases loaded. Check the bank account or favorite hostess bar of Umpire Junichi Sato.

 Tokyo Hanshin
1Yamada (2B)1Uemoto (2B)
2Yachi (SS)2Yamato (CF)
3Kawabata (3B)3Toritani (SS)
4Balentien (LF)4Gomez (1B)
5Yuhei (CF)5Murton (LF)
6Hatakeyama (1B)6Imanari (3B)
7Iihara (RF)7Kano (RF)
8Nakamura (C)8Tsuruoka (C)
9Akagawa (P)9Nomi (P)
RPKato, Watanabe, EnokidaRPAbe, Yamanaka, Yamamoto, Kyuko

The Tigers scored a fair bit (on the field, not just with their sisters or teenaged runaways). Tokyo made it exciting near the end. The offensive facts:

Bottom of the first: Jesus hit a timely single on behalf of Matt Murton with Gomez on first and Uemoto on third. 1-0 Hanshin.

Bottom of the second: Uemoto added an RBI to the run he scored. 2-0 Hanshin.

Bottom of the third: Gomez walked, Jesus failed Murton, Imanari got out, then Kano hit a home run. 4-0 Hanshin.

Bottom of the fourth: Nomi hit, Yamato walked, Toritani hit an RBI. Akagawa got yanked for Abe. Gomez and Murton hit back-to-back RBIs. Imanari doubled. Kano drove in two runs. 9-0 Hanshin.

Bottom of the fifth: The Tigers needed to get their fans some meth to keep them in line and, consequently, had to take a break from beating the Swallows.

Bottom of the sixth: Toritani and Gomez on the corners, Murton hit a martyrdom single, driving in a run. 10-0 Hanshin.

Fun stuff. Top of the seventh: Hatakeyama walked, Iihara hit, and Nakamura hit an RBI double. Yamada hit a grounder, Imanari fumbled, and Hatake scored. 10-2 Hanshin.

Top of the eighth: Hiyane and Yuhei hit, Iihara walked, Nakamura added two more RBIs to his total. 10-4 Hanshin.

 Top of the ninth: Yamada hit, Yachi walked, Kawabata hit an RBI double. Hiyane walked. Bases loaded, game called on account of damp. Nuts. 10-5 Hanshin, Final.

The Tigers will have to play for real tomorrow.