Aug 13th 2014, @ Hiroshima

August 13th, 2014

Tokyo Swallows 3Hiroshima Carp logo clean

Hiroshima Carp 7

Streak: Lost 1    Last 5: WLLWL

(Mazda Zooooom Zoooooom Stadium)

W: Bullington (9-8 ; 4.07 ERA)
L: Narveson (3-8 ; 4.94)

Chris Narveson just didn’t have it, and the Carp weren’t quite so generous with the errors this evening as the Swallows went down relatively tamely in Hiroshima.

Yamada (2B)1Dobayashi (RF)
Ueda (CF)2Kikuchi (2B)
Kawabata (3B)3Maru (CF)
Balentien (LF)4Eldred (1B)
Yuhei (RF)5Soyogi (3B)
Morioka (SS)6Hirose (LF)
Takeuchi (1B)7Tanaka (SS)
Nakamura (C)8Aizawa (C)
Narveson (P)9Bullington (P)

Narveson struggled from the off, allowing back-to-back singles to lead off the game, but a Maru double play grounder and a strike out for Eldred got him through the first unscathed.

In the 2nd he wasn’t so fortunate though, as a one-out single, double, and three run shot from Aizawa put the Carp ahead, 3-0 Hiroshima. Chris would allow another two hits that inning, but managed to get the two outs he needed to keep the deficit at three.

Tokyo pulled one back in the 3rd. Another error at first, this time for Eldered let on Takeuchi, a Nakamura single and Narveson bunt out two runners in scoring positions for Yamada, who brought home a run on a grounder to second, 3-1.

But that would be as close as they would get, as Hiroshima put up two runs in each of the 4th and the 5th frames. The two in the the 4th were Narveson’s, two singles, a sac-fly, and a double good enough to make it 5-1.

Sandwiched between those two two-run innings was Yamada’s 22nd home run of the year for 5-2. Tokuyama came in to work the 5th, and his two runs came from a back-to-back walks, single (6-2), and sacfly (7-2) sequence of quality pitching.

After that messy 5th Tokyuyama did work a perfect 6th, before Tokyo’s last chance to make a game of it came in the 7th.

With a tiring Bullington still on the mound, singles for a pinch-hitting Yuichi and Ueda put men on the corners with two outs for Kawabata, who singled to left to make it 7-3. Balentien then worked a six pitch walk, which brought up Yuichi, who hit a grounder to first to snuff out any hopes of that comeback.

After that the Carp bullpen duo of Nakata and Mickolio kept the Swallows bats quiet, and that was that for a 7-3 Hiroshima Final.

Aizawa does the big damage in the 2nd

Aizawa does the big damage in the 2nd

Game Notage

  • Narveson’s final line: 4 IP / 57 P / 10 H / 2 K / 1 BB / 5 ER. He just wasn’t at the races for this one.
  • After Tokyuama worked the 5th and 6th, Nakazawa and Kiya gave up a solitary hit each in their shutout 7th and 8th innings respectively.
  • Balentien went 0 for 2 with two walks, and was visibly pissed at (I’m guessing) himself during the game, notably after he grounded out to the pitcher in the 6th, beating the dugout seating with his bat in frustration.
  • Not a lot more to add about this one really, other than tomorrow will see Muranaka take the mound as the birds attempt to take their third series win out of four in August.
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