Jul 1st 2014, @ Hanshin

July 1st, 2014

Tokyo Swallows 6

Hanshin Tigers 12

Streak: Lost 2 Last 5: WLWLL

(Kurashiki Muscat Stadium)

W: Fujinami (5-4)
L: Ishikawa (5-6; 5.04 ERA)

Two games back into CL festivities and the Swallows have given up twenty-one runs. Ogawa, Ogawa, wherefore art thou Ogawa?

Morioka (SS)1Uemoto (2B)
Ueda (CF)2Yamato (CF)
Yamada (2B)3Toritani (SS)
Kawabata (3B)4Gomez (1B)
Yuhei (RF)5Murton (LF)
Iwamura (1B)6Arai The Elder (3B)
Aikawa (C)7Fukudome (RF)
Takeuchi (LF)8Umeno (C)
Ishikawa (P)9Fujinami (P)

Ishikawa got the start for Tokyo, but alas it was bad, no, make that terrible, Ishikawa that appeared on the mound today.

Masanori watches Umeno round the bases in the 1st

Masanori watches Umeno round the bases in the 1st

After the Swallows got to Fujinami, who was not particularly great himself this evening, in the 1st via two walks and a Yuhei two-run single for 2-0 Tokyo, Ishikawa made the young Tiger look like Masahiro fucking Tanaka in comparison in the bottom of the inning.

I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say seven runs off seven hits followed (including a 2 run shot from Umeno) as Ishikawa left almost everything up in the zone and the Swallows were in a 7-2 Hanshin hole.

Tokyo added a run in each of the 2nd and 4th innings (Morioka and Ueda with the RBIs) as they chipped away at Fujinami and shrunk the Tigers’ lead down to three (7-4), but the game was effectively over in the bottom of that 4th inning.

An inning in which another homer from Umeno got things off on the wrong foot before back to back singles put men on the corners with one out and the score at 8-4. Ishikawa was done for the evening, as Matsuoka trotted in from the bullpen to make things even worse. He did that by first giving up a two-run triple to Toritani for 10-4 followed by a two-run homer to left from Gomez for 12-4.

The Swallows did add two consolation runs in the 6th (Ihara double => Ueda triple => Yamada sac fly) but that was it as we had ourselves a deflating 12-6 Hanshin Final.

Game Notage

  • Ishikawa’s final line: 3.1 IP / 82 P / 10 H / 1 K / 10 R / 9 ER.
  • Pitching positives: Akagawa, Akiyoshi, and Iwahashi all pitched scoreless innings in relief. So did Matsuoka in the 5th after he’d made sure all Ishikawa’s runners made it home in the previous inning.
  • Hitting positives: Everybody bar Kawabata and Aikawa in the starting 9 (yes, even Ishikawa) managed a hit this evening, with Yuhei and Takeuchi registering two. As we’ve established this year, offence is not really the issue.
  • Tomorrow will see the teams travel back to the more familiar confines of Koshien for game two of this series. Ishiyama will be called upon from the bullpen to make his first start of the year, so buckle in folks, it could be another bumpy ride.


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