Jun 23rd 2014, vs Chiba

June 23rd, 2014

Chiba Marines 10

Tokyo Swallows 3

Streak: Lost 1     Last 5: LLWWL

(Jingu Stadium)

Your favorite birds got their butts whupped tonight.

W: Naruse (5-6; 4.77 ERA)
L: Matsuoka (1-1; 7.13)

With Matsuoka starting for Tokyo, things got out of hand in a hurry, and Naruse made sure that the home side didn’t have enough time to get back into the game.

Huffman (LF)1Hiyane (CF)
Suzuki (2B)2Morioka (SS)
Kakunaka (RF)3Yamada (2B)
Imae (3B)4Kawabata (3B)
Brazell (DH)5Yuhei (RF)
Iguchi (1B)6Tanaka (DH)
Kanezawa (C)7Aikawa (C)
Cruz (SS)8Araki (1B)
Okada (CF)9Noguchi (SS)

The man who is unaffectionately known as “Mr. Three-Run” in our neck of Jingu Stadium decided to let it all hang out tonite. Trouble was, the only thing hanging were Matsuoka’s pitches. All of them. He left a bunch of pitches up in the first. Forkball, shoot, heater, curve–you name it–whack! Kakunaka, Brazell, and Iguchi recorded one RBI each to help set a nasty tone that would endure for the rest of the evening.

0-3 Chiba

And unfortunately for Swallows fans, the good Naruse showed up today. The lefty threw 95 pitches over seven innings of two run baseball. He struck out two and walked one while allowing seven hits.

Chiba scored one more in the second (fielder’s choice double-play, Okada scored from third in the process) before Tokyo got on the board for the first time. Yuhei doubled and then tagged up on Tanaka’s fly ball to right. He soon scored on Aikawa’s sac fly to center.

1-4 Chiba

Things got properly poopy after that. Brazell welcomed Matsuoka back from the bench with a bomb to right on a high 2-1 slider.

1-5 Chiba

Iguchi  then popped up to center before things went further south. Kanezawa bundled the first pitch he saw into right, and Cruz followed with a single to left. Okada then drew a full count walk which loaded the bases and brought Huffman back to the plate for the third time in as many innings (1B, BB). Another full count arrived, but this time the result was far worse. Despite dialing his velocity up a few mph, Matsuoka saw his last heater of the night land in the left field stands.

1-9 Chiba

Maybe a new nickname is in order.

Chiba scored its final run in the top of the fifth with Ishiyama now on mop-up duty. Cruz let loose on a hanging 1-2 curve and deposited it in left.

1-10 Chiba

Tokyo hounded Naruse a little bit in the fifth, but they didn’t find a second run until the bottom of the seventh. Araki’s single with one out was followed by Hiyane’s two-out double to claw a single run back.

2-10 Chiba

Yamada was responsible for Tokyo’s final run in the eighth. He ripped a 2-1 Kimura fastball to straight-away center for his 10th dinger of the year.

3-10 Final

Matsuoka got his first loss of the year after recording just seven outs on 71 pitches. He allowed nine runs (seven earned) on eight hits (two HRs), four walks, and no strikeouts.

Emura (0.00 ERA) took his place and closed out the third. He pitched the fourth as well in just his second appearance of the year after a very solid rookie campaign last year. He allowed just one runner on a HBP in the third.

Ishiyama (6.43) gave up just one run over his five innings of long relief. He threw 87 pitches and gave up just two hits (one HR) and two walks. He also mixed in four strikeouts. Too bad he didn’t start.

Tokyo will host its final game of the interleague schedule tomorrow night when Chiba are in town again. First pitch is at 6 PM.

Emura (0.00 ERA) made his second appearance of the year in relieving Matsuoka.

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  • Kohaku

    Seriously Tanaka as the designated hitter…and why Aikawa is starting catcher where Nakamura has played better the whole year…better work for the future of the Swallows