9/15/12 – Yokohama (Home)

September 15th, 2012

Yokohama BayStars 3

Tokyo Swallows 6

Streak: Won 2 Last 5: WWLWW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

W: Yamamoto (2-2); L: Fujie (3-4); S: Barnette (1-2-26)

The BayStars suck. Yesterday and today, that turned out to be of some help to the Swallows, rather than a point of embarrassment. Know what else sucks? The really crappy noise being inflicted on the Tsubamegun by the stupif f#*@king oendan. Those guys not only can’t leave well enough alone, they jump well enough as a group and perpetrate heinous acts against it.

On to the game.

 Yokohama Tokyo
1Aranami (CF)1Yuhei (CF)
2Uchimura (2B)2Tanaka (2B)
3Nakamura (1B)3Balentien (RF)
4Ramirez (LF)4Milledge (LF)
5Tsutsugo (3B)5Kawabata (SS)
6Kinjoh (RF)6Miyamoto (3B)
7Kajitani (SS)7Miyade (1B)
8Tsuruoka (C)8Nakamura (C)
9Wang (P)9Ishikawa (P)
RPKikuchi, Shinohara, Kaga, Fujie, OharaRPOshimoto, Hidaka, Yamamoto, Barnette

Both sides relatively deep into the bullpen and pulled their starters in the sixth inning, when both teams scored two.

The scoring went thus:

One out into the fourth, Ishikawa gave up a single to Uchimura, walked Nakamura, and gave up an RBI double to Ramirez. Tsutsugo then hit a fly to center. After catching the ball, Yuhei managed to get it home in time to nab Nakamura. 1-0 Yokohama.

Milledge evened things up right away with a solo home run. 1-1.

 In the sixth, Ramirez did it again. Aranami singled and moved to second on a sac-bunt. Nakamura was walked. Rami-chan then hit another RBI double.

That brought in Oshimoto, who made a hash of it by hitting Kinjoh, then walking Kajitani to make it 3-1 Yokohama.

Wang started off the bottom of the sixth by walking Kawabata and was yanked in favor of Kikuchi, who pitched to the press box and wound up hitting Miyamoto high. Morioka sac-bunted both runners over. Fukuchi drove both runners in with a double out to the fence. 3-3.

Tokyo managed to pull ahead in the bottom of the eighth. Fujie was on the mound. Kawabata singled, Miyamoto sac-bunted, and Morioka hit an RBI triple. Takeuchi was hit, then managed to swipe second. Niida then knocked in two, giving the Birds the win. 6-3 Tokyo, Final.

 Another serving of Yokohama at Jingu tomorrow.