Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: March 14, 2012

Happy White Day.

Tokyo Swallows

The inimitable Gen Sueyoshi has published his additions/subtractions post for the 2012 Tokyo Swallows. On a scale of -10 to +10, how do you feel the team compares to its 2011 rendition?

Chang-yong Lim may start the 2012 regular season on the farm team due to soreness in his throwing arm. Does that mean that Balentien’s roster spot  is safe for now? And more importantly, who’s going to close?

Yoshinori has been taking it easy since taking a ball off the leg during an exhibition game against Hiroshima on the 11th. It’s a “contusion” at this point, and there’s no definite word on how long he’ll be sidelined. Provided it’s not a serious injury, the silver lining is that he’s already thrown more than enough during spring training and could probably benefit from a bit of a breather. In case anyone cares, Tokyo won that game 5-4.

Quick hypothetical: would you be in favor of Hideki Matsui in a Tokyo Swallows uniform? He is still without an employer.

How about Kozo Ota in a Tokyo Swallows uniform?

Here’s Johnny Knoxville in one.

Despite having scads of practice games scrapped due to rain and poor field conditions, the Tokyo Swallows currently have the second best pre-season record (3-1-2; .750 winning %). Not that it means anything.

Elsewhere in NPB

Gen also reported that the Japanese National Baseball Team is in search of a new manager. I hereby recommend David Watkins for the post. All in favor?



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