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03/31/12 Yomiuri (Away)

March 30th, 2012 Tokyo Swallows 6 Yomiuri Giants 3 Streak: Won 2  Last 5: WW— (Tokyo Dome) After last night’s strong pitching win, the bats came alive to cover for one shaky inning by Muranaka. Both teams came out with the same lineup as yesterday, with sophomore Sawamura pitching for the Giants and Muranaka starting […]

03/30/12 Yomiuri (Away)

March 30th, 2012 Tokyo Swallows  Yomiuri Giants  Streak: Won 1  Last 5: W—- (MLB STADIUM JAPAN; aka TOKYO DOME) Opening Night in Japan…and two outs away from a no-hitter After two of the AL West teams opened their season in Japan, Tokyo was anxious to see their two teams open the season. Loyal supporters of […]

Opening Day is Here!

Is it just me, or was that not a phenomenally long off-season? I guess technically it was shorter than normal, but whatever. We’ve spent the last couple of days dreaming and prognosticating, and now we finally get to see what the team can do! Today is opening day, and the Swallows will kick off their […]

“Expert” Predictions for the Central League

Thanks to Gen at Yakyu Baka for tipping us off about season predictions made by the so-called experts assembled by Sponichi. Some of them clearly haven’t been paying close attention to what went on behind the scenes with all six of the Central League teams since the Japan Series ended last November. All 14 pundits had […]

Tsubamegun Opinion Poll: March 29th, 2012

I put up a Wishful Thinking post yesterday, so please leave a comment at the bottom of that post, but here’s a little something for those that are more the multiple-choice type. Much like our opinion poll from back in January, here’s another one to gauge how the Tokyo faithful are feeling as the 2012 […]

Joining the Swallows’ Fan Club

As regular inhabitants of the Jingu bleachers, we here at Tsubamegun only carry one card, the Swallows Fan Club card. If you pay to spend more than 4 games in the Jingu outfield in a season, joining the Swallows Fan Club is a no brainer. The money saved on tickets alone is worth the 5000 […]

Wishful Thinking (2012 Version)

As I mentioned a while back, we were eventually going to get around to thinking wishfully. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t plan to leave it until just two days before the curtain opens on the 2012 regular season. Historically, this post has always seen the light of day at some point in March. My […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: March 23rd, 2012

Swallows Present As mentioned in our most recent podcast, Balentien could start the year on the top team. Because he’s starting to show some life at the plate, mixed with Roman’s continued stability on the mound, and abetted by Lim’s tender throwing arm, Tokyo’s well-paid closer could start the year on the farm instead. Yet […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 07 (March, 2012)

We’re back with fresh intro/outro bookend music (care of Dave’s handiwork) and our prognostications about the 2012 NPB season! With less than two weeks to go until opening day (Friday March 30th, 6PM, Tokyo Dome), we run through where we think the 12 NPB teams will finish the season with extra-special emphasis placed on your […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: March 14, 2012

Happy White Day. Tokyo Swallows The inimitable Gen Sueyoshi has published his additions/subtractions post for the 2012 Tokyo Swallows. On a scale of -10 to +10, how do you feel the team compares to its 2011 rendition? Chang-yong Lim may start the 2012 regular season on the farm team due to soreness in his throwing […]