Tokyo Swallows Factoids

Did you know that Miyade used to be kind of good?

Here are a few things that you might not remember about the players currently on the Tokyo roster:

  • In Fukuchi’s first year with the Swallows (2008), he hit .320/.366/.449.
  • Keizo Kawashima stole 20 bags in his first year with the team (2008) while only getting caught once. However, in 2009 he stole eight but got picked off seven times.
  • Kawamoto has had a batting average under .200 for three years running.
  • Yuichi logged a career high 151 plate appearances in 2005. He hit .241 with 33 hits including two home runs.
  • Miyamoto has played in more than 130 games just six times in his career. Meanwhile, Tanaka has done so five times already even though his pro career is less than half as long as Miyamoto’s.
  • Iihara finished the 2010 season with a batting line of .270/.351/.435 (492 plate appearances in 130 games).
  • Lim set a personal Japan career high for appearances (65) and innings (62.1)  last season. Not uncoincidentally, he also allowed a Japan career worst 22 walks, three hit batters, and three wild pitches.  At the same time, he had his best season in Tokyo in terms of home runs allowed (2), and he tied his 2009 tally (40) for second place on his resume in hits allowed. Overall, 2011 was almost identical to 2009 for Lim.
  • Highly touted pitching prospect, Mikinori Katoh, has pitched more than 20 innings only once (2008) and had his best season in terms of ERA in 2010 (6.60).
  • Even though he posted a 3.17 ERA over 45 appearances in 2007, Tateyama finished the season with a 3-12 record.
  • Hatakeyama was a major contributor during the 2008 season when he hit .279/.364/.406 in 416 at-bats. Up until last season, 2008 was the first time that he had played in more than 100 games (121) and tallied more than 100 hits (116).
  • Miyade was an everyday outfielder for the Swallows back in 2006. He hit .275/.335/.405 and had 116 hits (nine homers) in 422 at-bats while playing under player-manager Atsuya Furuta.

Which factoid was the most surprising for you?



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