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Online Yakyu Writer Insights: NPB Moving Forward?

Tokyo Swallows fans witnessed it all in 2010: the resumption of the 2009 slump which ended up consuming the first two months of 2010; a change in manager; the addition of a cleanup bat; veteran pitchers refinding their form; an authoritative return to winning; and a bit of flirtation with the third and final playoff spot. With any luck, 2011 […]

2010 Off-Season Player Transaction Summary

UPDATED: January 13, 2011 Since the end of the season, the Swallows have lost some players through cuts and retirement, the team has also gained some players through free agency and the draft. The team also managed to keep Chang-Yong Lim by resigning him to a lucrative contract. We have covered some of these moves, […]

Announcing the Tokyo Swallows Forum!

We’ve been working hard to get the site switched over to a more *malleable site platform over the past few weeks. Other than the time constraints, it hasn’t been that tough at all (you’ve gotta love WordPress!). And we’re very pleased to announce our newest addition to Tsubamegun, the Tokyo Swallows Forum! We hope that […]

Swallows for Sale?

Could #2 on the Tsubamegun‘s perennial wishlist come to fruition? Depends on how you see fervent denials. Jiji reported today that Susume Fujita, CEO of online ad agency CyberAgent, firmly denied that his firm had any plans to purchase the Swallows or that he had been approached by Yakult with such an offer. He also […]

Why Didn’t Tokyo Make Playoffs? Sacrifice Bunting under Ogawa

Ah, the beloved Tak-bunt. Tokyo’s current manager didn’t fib when he said that he wasn’t going to make many changes to the way that the team was coached after taking over for Takada at the end of May. The Tak-bunting continued, but thankfully not at the same rate that it had been previously employed. For the […]