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Igarashi testing MLB waters

It was reported that Ryota Igarashi, long-time set-up and closer out of the Tokyo bullpen, will be spending the winter training in the United States as he works through the process of signing with a team there. A couple of teams have apparently

Tokyo’s 2009 Amateur Draft Picks

The birds made a few new acquisitions back on the 29th of October, and at least one of those picks (a left-handed pitcher out of the industrial leagues) looks like he could make an immediate contribution to the team. The Swallows were part of that huge scrum looking to snap up Yusei Kikuchi, but they […]

Aoki’s surgery successful

Aoki’s surgery was successfully completed yesterday at a hospital in Tokyo. Aoki had surgery on both of his ankles to remove small pieces of bone. It was reported that he should be able to leave the hospital within a week.