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Along with the new uniforms, Yakult have also unveiled their “team slogan” for 2009.  For those that don’t know, Japanese baseball teams all have a new slogan each year for. . . for. . . well I don’t know why.  Some gems from the Swallows recent past include: 2001: Speed & Power 2002: Data + […]

Tokyo Get New Threads

The Tokyo Yakult Swallows have “premiered” their shiny new uniforms for the coming 2009 season. Though they last changed uniforms not so long ago as part of the “Tokyo” name-change, they’ve decided to make another switch, this time in some ways more radical than the last. In 2006, the change was more of a refinement, […]

Aikawa Arrives

  Atsuya Furuta. Putting aside the great man’s iconic status as the face of the Yakult Swallows since the early ’90s during the most successful period in their history, he was a damn good ballplayer. Two time Central League and Japan Series MVP, ten time golden-glove recipient, only the second catcher of all-time (and 32nd player […]

Goodbye Dicky

Dicky as a Swallow It seems that former Swallows starter Dicky Gonzalez has signed for the Yomiuri Giants for the coming season. The chunky Puerto Rican has signed a one year contract worth a mere 30 million yen, a huge pay cut from the 120 million he was drawing in each of his last two years […]

2009 Japan Bloggers' Meet-up

On the evening of Saturday, January 17th, a bevvy of Japan bloggers – folks writing in and/or about all aspects of the broad topic of Japan – will be getting together to catch-up, meet for the first time, etc. There will be food and drink. So far, nearly 40 people have replied to the notices […]